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From our activities

since 2021/07 we support the Nejdřív soused project

since 2020/06 we support the Nejdřív doma project

since 2014/05 we support the Nejdřív střecha project

since 2010/05 in Prague in Benediktská 11: unique from past Galerii Tuzeks

since 2009/08 to 2017/12 Kepler Museum. The exhibition is open from March 2019 at NTM

since 2008/02 to 2018/02 in Roztoky in the museum we operated Kafírnu ProVás

since 2008/01 to 2021/7 in Přerov v Havlíčkově 24: domestic  honey and everithing for beekeepers

since 2004/12 in Prague: Clockroom Services in Senate of Czech Republic

since 1999/05 in Prague in Rybná 21: sales gallery of historical posters and postcards

since 1999/04 in Prague v Rybné 21: eight language versions of the Astronomical Clock bestseller in Prague

since 1997/01 in Prague:posters for cultural purposes in attractive places


2015 - US Ambassador Andrew H. Schapiro presented Via Bona award to  Vojtěch Sedláček  in the opening of new journeys for innovative support  of Homeless People First roof.

2007 - Ernst and Youngs partner, Dirk Kroonen (left), gives the first prize in the social benefit entrepreneur of the Czech Republic competition to Vojtěch Sedláček.

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